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Understanding what words say is one thing. Conveying the meaning in another language is a completely different story. The more complex the message, the greater the need for an expert who speaks your language.

In business, a good translation can make the difference between sealing a deal and losing face and harming your brand and reputation. For it's not just what you say, it's how you say

it. Translation is more than putting words from one language into another. The result needs

to sound good, to flow naturally and to ring true, which is why our track record in journalism

is as important as our translation experience.

In an increasingly globalised world in which English is the lingua franca, are you confident that your English is fit for scrutiny by a global audience? Our editing, copywriting and proofreading services ensure it is.

At Abacus, we believe in delivering what we promise. That's why we mainly stick to what we do best: translating, editing, copywriting and proofreading business communications in

Dutch and English. And you may find it reassuring to know that our years in real-time media

have taught us the importance of meeting deadlines - and the inevitability of rush jobs!

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